Accident Recovery HerndonYou may know Herndon Tow Truck as one of the top towing options in and around the city of Herndon, VA, but did you know that we also offer junk car removal with ease. Our team of experts have been working long and hard to provide cash for junk cars, and no matter if you have a vehicle that you want to get rid of, or have had an accident, the team at Herndon Tow Truck has you covered.

Why junk your car

If you are dealing with a beater in the front yard, or have a vehicle sitting in your garage, what are you keeping it for? Not only are you sitting on hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of scrap metal, parts and tires. Every day that you sit on your vehicle, you are losing value, potentially increasing the need for more expensive repairs and merely taking up storage space. So, what can you do? Well, simply put, you can call the experts in junk car removal in Herndon, VA, at Herndon Tow Truck.

Our Program

Our junk car removal program has quickly become the top junk removal program in and around Herndon, VA. Our drivers, our dispatchers and our administration have put the emphasis on delivering a top program that pays cash for our pick-ups. No matter if you have a beater or want to get rid of your car, our junk removal program will pay you top dollar for your vehicle! Plus, we will pick it up, no matter its location on your property.

Our services

When you call the team at Herndon Tow Truck, you can expect to get nothing but the best service. Our team will coordinate a pick-up time, and ensure that one of our flat deck, light duty or medium duty tow trucks are on-site at the right time. Next, we will secure the vehicle, and no matter if it is in your driveway, the lawn or somewhere else, our team will be able to tow it with ease. Finally, we will provide you with cash for your junk car. It is that simple, and with Herndon Tow Truck, you will be in good hands.

Why choose Herndon Tow Truck for your cash for junk car services

Herndon Accident recoveryAs one of the top towing companies in and around Herndon, VA, our team of expert drivers are the difference makers for our clients. We can tow and recover your junker in practically any situation, and no matter if we are towing them from your yard, garage or even backyard, our team will get it done with ease. Plus, with our top dollar guarantee, your junker will put some decent coin in your pocket as well!

If you are looking to get rid of a junker, or a vehicle on your property, then it is about time that you called the team at Herndon Tow Truck. With our great flexible towing options, and top dollar paid, your cash for junk cars service will be nothing but spectacular.